Paris Hilton's Top Five Excuses and Denials

The hotel heiress just can't stop getting into trouble, but it's never her fault

By Marc Malkin Aug 31, 2010 12:24 AMTags
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Paris Hilton seems to have an excuse for everything. From her sex tape to a recent Nazi-looking salute and now another drug bust, the hotel heiress appears to have a problem taking responsibility for anything.

So, in honor of her latest run in with the law, we give you five of Hilton's most memorable excuses and denials. Let's just say it wasn't easy—there were so many to choose from.

1. Let's Talk About Sex: A year before the release of One Night in Paris, Hilton insisted we'd never see her and ex Rick Salomon in a sex tape, because no such tape existed. "He's a complete liar and scumbag," she told New York magazine. "He is a very sick man. People love to talk s**t because they're jealous. I don't care. Whatever."

The video was eventually released after Hilton settled several lawsuits she had with Salomon, maintaining any money she made from its sale would go to charity.

2. In the Doghouse: Even Hilton's beloved animals get caught up in her shenanigans. The Los Angeles Department of Animal Services launched an investigation in 2008 after Hilton told Ellen DeGeneres that she had 17 dogs because her pooches kept having puppies. When asked why she hadn't had the pets neutered, Hilton claimed she had. After the talk show host accused her of lying, Hilton backed down: "Fine. Two of them weren't."

3. Jesse's Girl: Did Hilton pull a Jesse James when she was photographed last month dancing aboard a yacht in Saint-Tropez? While wearing a military-style hat, she seemed to giving a Nazi salute while mimicking a Hitler moustache on her face. "Paris was dancing and having fun with her arm up in the air as she always dances…and was scratching her face when a photo was taken," her rep told E! News. "The hat is not even a military style. It's a captain's hat from a club."

4. Weeds: In early July, the globe-trotting celebutante was reportedly arrested in South Africa for allegedly being in possession of marijuana. She insisted the pot belonged to someone else. Her rep said police eventually apologized for the "complete misunderstanding." No charges were filed.

Two weeks later, she was reportedly detained and questioned by police for having pot in her purse as she traveled from the City of Lights to the French island of Corsica. "The latest one about me is completely false too," she tweeted at the time. "Don't believe what you read. Silly nonsense."

5. Candy Girl: Once again, Hilton claims this weekend's drug-related arrest had nothing to do with her. She told cops that she had borrowed the purse with the coke in it from a friend. When asked who the baggie of narcotics belonged to, Hilton said she had never even seen it, but then thought maybe it was gum. Shortly after the bust, her lawyer David Chesnoff cautioned the public "not to rush to judgment."

Back in 2007, Hilton told Larry King that she's not the drug-taking, hard-drinking party girl everyone thinks she is. "People make up so many crazy stories," she said. "The things I read about and things I see is not the person who I am. It really baffles me sometimes when I read things. The places I've never been. People I've never met. It's really shocking to me."

—Additional reporting by Melanie Axelgaard


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