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Forget losing out the top prize at the Emmys. The cast of Glee is singing the blues over being stiffed out of profits from the show's massive hit soundtrack albums.

With more than a million albums sold, and  their latest record, Glee: The Music—Journey to Regionals hitting No. 1 on the Billboard 200 in June, you'd think the cast should be rolling in dough.

Think again.

The case has been upset about a deal with Sony Music that, according to the New York Post, saw them largely cut out in favor of the show's executive producer, Ryan Murphy.

Stars Jenna Ushkowitz, Cory Monteith and Mark Salling on Thursday paid a visit to DC's Hot 99.5 FM, where they revealed that they haven't seen "a dime" of royalties from the hit music they create.

"I got 400 bucks from it going No. 1," Cory sarcastically complained. "But you know what, that's OK, because if I'm patient, and if this thing does really well, maybe I'll see another 400 bucks."

Salling piped in that he'd seen "not a dime" of royalties from Sony Music.

Monteith said of course Sony is happy with their end of the deal. "Sony Columbia is so happy because they have a great platform with which to promote all this," he said.

But the cast may get sweet revenge, as many are seeking individual recording deals of their own. Star Matthew Morrison signed a deal with Mercury Records in January and Salling has signed with independent label Pipe Dream Records. 

Listen to the interview below:

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