George Clooney, Elisabetta Canalis

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Leave it to George Clooney to charm the girls and the gays backstage at the Emmys tonight.

Mr. Clooney, as he joked he would like to be addressed, received the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award—and we couldn't think of a better guy in Hollywood to get it.

Looking dapper in Armani, George talked Prop 8 and made a few of us swoon when he told us how he prepped for today:

First things first, we asked George—who remember, exclusively told us how disappointed he was when Prop 8 was passed—his reaction when he heard that it was lifted.

"I think it was terrific, well, and it's now un-lifted again," Clooney told us back in the press room. "These are the kinds of things that take long long time to change...

"People will look back at this time in our history and think of it as an archaic time. I feel like it's a slow-rolling process, but it will happen eventually."

Love that man.

George skipped the carpet, so when asked on stage who his date was for the evening he paused before confirming Elisabetta Canalis was somewhere floating around.

"She picked me up in Italy, Elisabetta," Clooney told a curious reporter. "Where is she?"

While G.C. was on stage, Elisabetta was sitting to the side of the stage with some security looking fab in an all white gown meanwhile sipping champagne and texting on her phone. Although she and Georgey came together, he planted quite a sexy image in our head of how he got ready.

"John Krasinski came over to my house with a bunch of guys and we played basketball. If you see him later, he's limping."

That's an image we definitely don't mind, thanks George.

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