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"I guarantee more bodies will fall."

And news about bodies dropping is but one of the many juicy tidbits Michael C. Hall just shared with us about Dexter's upcoming fifth season.

We also snagged insight into the whereabouts of Dexter's kiddos and the new mystery woman in his life played by Julia Stiles. Plus, find out from Hall and his costars: Which frenemy wants to pin Rita's murder on Dexter? Hmmm...

Murder Was the Case: Dexter's got a lot on his plate this season, but none of that distracts from his urge to kill. In fact, Dexter executive producer Sara Colleton told us, "The Dark Passenger is going to be harder than ever to keep in his place. The Dark Passenger is going to come in unexpected ways when Dexter least wants it."

Missing Children? Dexter's busy work schedule (he's a blood analyst by day and the Dark Avenger by night) isn't the only thing that's overstuffed. His home is crowded. "When the show starts this season," Michael told us, "Dexter and the kids are back in the apartment with Deb. There's a desire on Dexter's part to get them out of the environment where this happened." But when we asked Jennifer whether everyone will be living in the apartment, she said no! Oops. When pressed whether Dexter's stepchildren Cody and Astor might be living elsewhere, Jennifer protested, "I've said enough!"

Wacky Neighbor: Dexter's neighbor—Rita's one-time romancer, Elliot—isn't going anywhere. "There will be some scenes between [Dexter and Elliot]," Michael told us, "and some tension. Along with interaction with Dexter, Elliot will have interaction with Quinn regarding the nature of the affair or dalliance or whatever it was that C.S. [Lee] gets Quinn wise to." Ruh-roh.

Keep Your Enemies Closer: Quinn, actor Desmond Harrington told us last night, is very suspicious of Dexter. "His wife is dead, and at the scene of the crime Dexter says he did it." So is Quinn the new Doakes? "Inasmuch as he has a whiff of something suspicious, yes," Michael told us. "But I think the way he is going about his pursuit is a bit more covert and ultimately threatening." And, Desmond added, Dexter's sister is Quinn's "partner and friend, and he cares about her. He suspects her brother of this horrific thing but never wants to broach this topic with her."

A New Femme Fatale? We asked executive producer Sara Colleton about new castmember Julia Stiles. "She plays a character who is literally thrust into Dexter's life and comes with a lot of baggage and damage at a time when he doesn't want to have any," Sara told us. "Dexter has been so burned by thinking he could have human friends and emotions, and right now all his energy is just trying to figure out what these feelings are, with his kids and his sister. It's an interesting relationship, and she plays her part in how he eventually achieves self-forgiveness. What's more human than that?"

So is Julia's character the new Lila (Jaime Murray), Dexter's psychopathic ex-girlfriend? "Oh no," Sara laughed. "God no! No no no no no no. It's way too soon to be thinking of…Dexter realizes more than ever he had that one shot with Rita that he blew. It's not that at all."

Sister Act: What about Deb, who has the worst track record in history when it comes to romance (her boyfriends include one serial killer, one victim of another serial killer and one murdered by a serial killer's daughter)? Will she have a boyfriend this season? "I don't know that's how she'd label it," Jennifer dished, "but she's getting some love."

Season Six for Sure? Looks like fans are also getting more love from Dexter: Michael C. Hall virtually guaranteed us the show will go on: "I don't have the sense that there is any sense that this the end of the story as we're telling it," he said. "I think signs point to us doing a sixth season, but it's not official." Dexter season five premieres on Showtime on Sept. 26. (Be there!)

Yay for more Dexter! But before we get ahead of ourselves, what are you hoping to see on this season? Hit the comments with your ideas and expectations.

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