Michael Emerson

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Michael Emerson is way too modest.

The Lost star may have taken home the Emmy last year for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, but...

He doesn't think he'll be doing the same tomorrow. "You know," he said last night at Entertainment Weekly's pre-Emmy party with Women in Film, "I haven't thought about it much this year because I just don't feel like I'm in the running."

Then who is? "It's hard to pick," said Emerson, who hit the Sunset Marquis soiree with his wife, True Blood's Carrie Preston. "Maybe Aaron Paul or maybe it's Terry O'Quinn's time again?"

Emerson said he'll wake up tomorrow, make breakfast and "run errands."

"There's not much preparation for me," he said. "I just try to stay out of the way because they'll be hair and makeup and all that stuff there for Carrie."

Friday Night Lights nominee Connie Britton knows all about that. "People start arriving at my house at about 11, slopping makeup on my face and pulling my hair out," she said. "And then my girlfriends will come over and we make ourselves some brunch and then we get into the limo."

As for her dress, she laughed, "I looked at 10 or maybe more...like 50!"

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