Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart



Follow your team: Team  Robsten or Team Nonsten!

Sure, the fight between Team Robsten and Team Nonsten has been raging on the boards (and Twitter too) since the beginning of time—or at least since Twilight—but now it's time to really see which side has more support.

How so, you ask?

By taking it to Facebook, of course. This seems to be the reason the site was invented, after all. Who cares about keeping in touch with friends and family? It's all about showing support for R.Pattz and K.Stew (or your lack of support, if you're one of them).

So if you celebrated the joyous Robsten Day and almost passed out when they swapped spit on camera, get your mouse clicking and "Like!" the Team Robsten page. Spread the word too—not that I need to tell you all twice.

And if you're one of those downers who think the duo is strictly a PR stunt, or one who would rather see Rob with Nikki Reed (or Reese Witherspoon?) or Kristen with Garret Hedlund, TomStu or—gagTaylor Lautner, then stop bitchin' and get your butt over to the Team Nonsten page.

See you on Facebook (you've been checking out my F.B. page for frequent goss, too, right?). Be sure to check back for the big celebration when Team Robsten slaughters pitiful Team Nonsten.

Pick Your Team on Facebook: Team  Robsten or Team Nonsten


Photos: Rob & Kristen Romance Diary

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