Little People Big World

John Keatley/TLC

With Little People, Big World having already reached unforeseen heights, TLC has decided to pull the plug.

The network announced Thursday that the upcoming sixth season of the hit reality show chronicling the lives of little people Matt and Amy Roloff and their four kids, three of whom are of standard height for their ages, will be its last.

But at least we already know that season six, premiering Sept. 6, isn't going to be a total bummer.

Last season's cliffhanger finale showed patriarch Matt being found unconscious in his home office, striking fear that the 48-year-old family man was seriously ill or, even more tragic, had passed away.

It turned out that, while Roloff had really collapsed, he was suffering from nothing more serious than a bout of vertigo.

According to TLC, the show's sixth and final season will show how Matt and Amy reacted to his health scare and what fraternal twins Zach and Jeremy are going to do, now that they're 20 and perhaps interested in life beyond the family farm.

"The show has been an amazing and unforgettable experience for our entire family," Matt and Amy said in a statement. "Over the past five years we have shared the most rewarding journey that will forever be in our hearts. We are gearing up to begin new and exciting adventures as a family and we look forward to starting the next chapter of the Roloffs. We will always be grateful to our TLC family, and most of all, our fans."

And TLC's attorneys can in turn be grateful to the Roloffs for staying off the cover of Us Weekly and out of the New Jersey penal system.

(Originally published Aug. 26, 2010, at 4:05 p.m. PT)


While entertaining and inspiring, Little People, Big World would never be considered Dangerous Reality TV.

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