Kanye West, Suge Knight

Michael Caulfield/Getty Images

Kanye West's latest rap session with Marion "Suge" Knight didn't go well.

The rapper and defrocked rap mogul remain at odds after a mediation session to address Knight's negligence complaint against West, filed after he was shot in the leg during a party West thew in Miami Beach in 2005.

The man who pulled the trigger has never been identified and Knight sued in 2008, blaming lax security at the club (he was shot in the so-called V.I.P. area) and claiming that his long recovery prevented him from working—which in turn prevented him from banking any Benjamins.

Knight and Death Row Records filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in April 2006.

That, and Knight is lamenting the loss of a $135,000 diamond stud during the commotion.

West's attorney wouldn't comment, but Knight's lawyer, Marc Brumer, says the case is headed to trial if the two gentlemen can't reach a settlement. They also spent a fruitless six hours trying to make a deal in June.

Knight appeared at today's meeting, while West, out of the continental U.S. on business, was granted permission by a federal judge to phone it in.


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