Jennifer Aniston

Dear Ted:
So, Jennifer Aniston. What's the deal with her? She is such a good actress, but she wastes her talents on awful romantic comedies. She was fab in The Good Girl, and even had a good patch with Marley & Me. Is she only getting offered rom-coms or is it a personal choice?

Dear Anistar:
It's hard to remember that Jen is actually somewhat of a comedic goddess. For her work on Friends, folks will still call her something of a female comedy symbol (as much as you want to deny it). And face it, do you really want to see her in an action movie à la Salt? No, I don't either. Now, a drama, that's somethin' different. Clearly, Jen needs to mine the real-life one she's led and put it all up on the big screen, already. Would be brilliant!

Dear Ted:
Now that Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen are done, is there any slight chance Rachel and Adam Brody will get back together? Probably not, but they were just so darn cute!

Dear O.C. Match:
Cute they were indeed. What a fab couple! And hey, there's always a chance, more so than with Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, let's put it that way. Brody's currently rumored (and quite heavily) to be with Glee-stress Dianna Agron, but these days, who isn't? Maybe that means Bilson should go for Cory Monteith?

Dear Ted:
Is Harland Fuss closer in age to Kevin Costner or Colin Farrell?

Dear Fussy Puppy:
Way, way, way closer to Colin Farrell.

Dear Ted:
Are you saying that Holocaust themes are favorites of the Oscars and that movies like Schindler's List or The Reader might have gotten a bump?

Dear Serious Drama:
Only if they're good. But it's no surprise that sometimes the most serious acting deals with the most serious of topics.

Dear Ted:
What happened to that douche Milo Ventimiglia?

Dear Ouch!:
Harsh words, much? What'd Milo do to you to rub your puss the wrong way, huh?

Dear Ted:
Do you talk about the following B.V. subjects much under their real names: Crescent Kumquat, Judas Jack-Off, Dashed Dingle-Dream, Crotch Uh-lastic and Grey Goose?

Dear Recent Appearances:
Hmmm...Crescent's been mentioned on and off lately. Not much from Judas or Dashed. Crotchy's recently been featured, but then again, he's always been here and there, lurking around. And I think that's all I'll tell you for now.

Dear Ted:
Is it just me or are the increased Robsten sightings (and the all-important kiss) just as Eclipse is over a way to keep interest up until Breaking Dawn?

Dear Yawn, Again:
Babe, let me ask you: Do you think you'd lose interest in them even if you didn't see them? Didn't think so.

Dear Ted:
Do you seriously think we will ever see the "real" Angelina Jolie? PR can only cover so much, dontcha think?

Dear As Real as It Gets:
Absolutely not. There's almost nobody better at the game than Jolie.

Dear Ted:
I love Natalie Portman. Please give me some info on her!

Dear Portmanteau:
What do you want to know? Natalie's a badass, and everyone knows and loves it. She's also a picky lover and supersmart. Not much more to it! Have you seen the trailer for Black Swan? Looks uh-mah-zing.

Dear Ted:
I've started watching some old episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (yes, I need a life) and have fallen in love all over again with the gorgeous David Boreanaz. I know his infidelity has been the topic of conversation with him as of late, but I have a feeling there's more to his vice than just that. Can give us a hint to what his B.V. might be?

Dear There's a Little More...:
But it's just as sleazy as his in-public debauchery.

Dear Ted:
If you knew for sure that an actor was straight, but it was a common belief or rumored that they were gay, would you set the record straight?

Dear No Dice:
Why? Isn't it just as unfair for a gay actor to be wrongly rumored to be straight? I try to stay mum on it all.

Dear Ted:
I'd love to know if Baby Tile is ready to be called Tile Tot and if it's a girl or a boy?
—Pitter Patter

Dear Tile Offspring:
What's with this huge interest in Baby Tile—who didn't ask to be brought into this PR web, mind you.

Dear Ted:
What is going on with Taylor Lautner? He's turning into such a diva...really, filing charges for not having a big trailer? Has he been hanging around Nikki Reed too long?

Dear No Love for Lautner:
Funny you ask that, we've been saying the same thing! Wanna know something, though, Nikki's actually pretty cool, in the end. Not so, Taylor. It's like diva Clay Aiken all over again.

Dear Ted:
Pepper Harthman has me worried. I'm hoping my hero isn't this B.V. Can you tell me if Pepper plays in MLB?
—Baseball Fan

Dear Balls Game:
Fear not. He's not one of those great-American-pastime types! Although they're pretty sneaky without being Blind Vices.

Dear Ted:
If you had to eat Julia Roberts, pray for her career or continue to give her copious amounts of love, which would you choose?

Dear Easy:
I would eat her. Holy Elizabeth Taylor, would I eat her.

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