Montana Fishburne


Playboy apparently doesn't want Montana Fishburne's sloppy seconds.

A day after test shots of  Laurence's bad-girl daughter made the rounds online, a well-placed source tells E! News that her appearance in an upcoming issue is likely a no-go.

"It's not for sure yet, but I don't think they're going to use her," the insider says.

Playboy often does tests to decide if a wannabe model is spread-worthy, according to a magazine rep.

"Montana actually came in to Playboy for a test shoot recently," says spokeswoman Theresa Hennessey. "She took them before the sex tape came out."

In the series of photos for Playboy, the 19-year-old is seen posing naked in a blue lace number, and goes full frontal for a few shots.

But with her body already on display in her sex video and her assets featured on the cover of raunchy As Is magazine, apparently Playboy has cooled on the idea of featuring Fishburne.

While the lack of Playboy exposure might be a blow to Montana's portfolio, it will no doubt make Daddy happy. For a change.

Catch up on all of Montana's antics here!

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