Wesley Snipes

AP Photo/Phil Sandlin

It's not the first appeal, and who knows if it'll be the last! What we do know is Wesley Snipes is no quitter.

After what was thought to be a sure-fire road to prison, the Blade star has proven that he can whittle his way out—or at least prolong the sentence.

So here we go again.

Snipes' lawyers filed motion for a new trial, along with a request for new jurors, after being convicted back in 2008 of tax evasion in Florida. The celeb and his persistent team claim that he was denied his fifth and sixth amendment right to a fair trial.

Snipes claims his defense team received emails after the trial was over from two jurors, who claimed three of the other jurors "told us [Snipes] was guilty before they even heard the first piece of evidence."

According to attorney Daniel Meachum, Snipes' appeal is based on jury misconduct and the government's failure to disclose details of criminal charges lodged against witness and former accountant Kenneth Starr.

Starr was arrested in June on charges of money laundering, fraud and making statements to federal officials.

The actor and his team's motion follows the court's Monday ruling that Snipes would not have to surrender to a U.S. marshal on Sept. 2.


What else would celebs wanna do other than come to court?

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