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Is complaining the new trend? Seems Taylor Lautner thinks it is.

Apparently Lautner has banned, well, himself from appearing on Ryan Seacrest's radio show On-Air With Ryan Seacrest, Seacrest announced on the radio yesterday morning.

Ummm, we're pretty sure that, right there with Oprah, Seacrest is one you probably don't want to piss off. What's going on with our darling Twi-babe—he hanging around Nikki Reed lately, or something?

Seacrest told the story yesterday that after asking Lautner to appear on his morning radio show based in L.A. (at the request of tons of emails from fans of the Twilight star, no less), Lautner's people responded with something along the lines of, "He's too busy to even think about that."

Seacrest stated he had been "banned" by Camp Lautner.

And so Seacrest joke-vented, citing that he had featured Lautner on the program before the dude became a true superstar. He said he did the same thing for stars like Taylor Swift, the Jonas Brothers and even Justin Bieber (should we say Justin Bieber-Jolie-Pitt?), all of whom Seacrest says returned the favor down the line and remained loyal to the radio maven.

But Lautner doesn't appear to be too keen on repaying Ryan with loyalty and muffin baskets.

Let us pose the question: Has Taylor Lautner always been this huffy and puffy? There's nothing more unattractive than a dude whose feuds (like his new lawsuit) are equal in quantity to the number of shirtless pics he has.

Surprise, surprise, we haven't yet heard a statement from Lautner's crew commenting on either the trailer trouble or this new little tiff. But you know once we do, he'll probably complain about that, too.

Or are we getting too bitchy, also? Ab-tastic food for thought, at the very least.

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