Karissa Shannon, Kendra Wilkinson

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The bunny claws are out.

Karissa Shannon, former girlfriend to Hugh Hefner, tells Life & Style how she's going after Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett in her new tell-all book about life at the Playboy Mansion.

"Kendra is definitely scared," Karissa tells the tab. "I'm sure she wishes that she could go back into her book and [explain] some more things now."

So what is Kendra's response?

We talked with K.W.B. when we first heard this rumored tell-all was in the works, and if you remember, she already knew about it.

"Yeah, I don't think she was there long enough to even have enough to tell. I was there for five years! She wasn't there long enough to appreciate why she was there," Kendra told us, referring to Karissa.

"I got a chance to grow there and appreciate who Hugh Hefner really is, you know what I'm saying? It takes five years to live there and appreciate that, not one year of a bunch of drunken nights," K. told us. "I don't support that, and I'm not going to support that at all if she's going to go out and make it mean."

Mean it is.

Karissa tells Life & Style she'll be talking about Kendra's partying and stuff "no one would believe."

Kay, but thing is Kendra has already 'fessed up to a lot. What, more drugs? More sex? Sorry, don't think the shock factor will be there. Karissa, Kendra's not worried—she is pissed!

"It seems like she always has negative things to say," says Karissa to Life & Style. "I think it has to do with having the baby—maybe she's a little more insecure about her weight and her relationship with her husband now that her ex-boyfriend released a sex tape of her."

Low blow. Just because Kendra is E! family isn't the only reason we're taking her side. Let's just say anyone associated with a they-who-shall-not-be-named sex tape pretty much loses all credibility with us. Can't think of a better term but famewhore.

Team Kendra. Anyone else?

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