Well, Biebs, the good news is you only have two years to go.

On Tuesday's Lopez Tonight, Justin Bieber's foxy photo-shoot costar Kim Kardashian confessed to George Lopez that she's all up for going out with the teen singing sensation "if he was of legal age," coyly adding, "He definitely has this swag to him." 

Bill O'Reilly must love hearing that. Speaking of Bill...

The E! reality star addressed the Fox News pundit's grumblings about her and Justin's Elle spread with a safe, calm response: "I thought the shoot was all in fun, we had a good time. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on it."

Aw, where's outspoken Khloé when we need her?

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OMG guys! Have you seen the pics from Kardashians and Spin Crowd premiere party? Get to it!

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