James Franco is having a very busy 2010.

In addition to folding Julia Roberts' laundry in Eat Pray Love and appearing on General Hospital as...Franco, the versatile actor is now starring as Aron Ralston in director Danny Boyle's based-on-a-true-story film, 127 Hours.

The name Aron Ralston not ringing a bell?

Well, back in 2003, Ralston, an avid mountain climber, found himself trapped against a canyon wall—his right arm pinned under a dislodged boulder. About five days later (127 hours, to be precise), he proceeded to amputate his own arm. With a dull knife.

Check out the trailer. After an annoying little Danny Boyle ad-campaign intro, Franco does a good job of conveying Ralston's enthusiasm for life and the outdoors. Tell us what you think!

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