On the one hand, you've gotta admire Joel Madden for beating the paparazzi at their own game. On the other hand, how shameless can you be?

We're gonna go ahead and assume you weren't counting down the days until Good Charlotte's new single, "Like It's Her Birthday," hit iTunes (today, since you didn't ask). And it seems as though Nicole Richie's better half presumed the same thing, seeing as how he resorted to bringing in the big (and super cute) guns to shill his latest release.

Enter Harlow Madden. Aww, it's baby's first pimping!

We'd say grab the camera, but the Maddens clearly had that one covered.

"Harlow helps announce our song on itunes LOL She's loves goin 2 work w/me," papa Joel tweeted this morning.

Sure, she's adorable and gives the cutest little nod this side of Suri, but can she sell? Time will tell. Hey, there's always Sparrow.

We're not above a little hypocrisy. So check out more cute celebri-tots in our Fashion Police Jr. gallery!

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