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It was the best of polls, it was the worst of polls. They were the polls of wisdom, they were the polls of foolishness. They were the polls of True Blood body parts, the polls of Robsten love nests. The polls of future Bachelors, the polls of celebrity vices.

Alas, it's come time to reveal the results of some of our favorite and most distinguished polls of the last few weeks. As summer comes to a close, so too do some of our hottest topics.

Get your monthly round-up of results, and the very scientific theorems we come up with to explain pop-culture phenomena, after the jump:

Details about where and when Rob and Kristen eat, sleep and breathe, good. Pictures of their house, baaad: We're not totally surprised at this one. After bitching and moaning about too much or not enough Robsten gossip, we asked once and for all if you really wanted all the info about their private lives. Well, about 70 percent of you said yes, you really did...but 56 percent of those people thought that our posting of pictures of Robsten's love nest (completely legal, widely accessible online pictures, mind you) was just way over the line. We still don't really know why these free, easily accessible photos caused so much of a firestorm, but the people have spoken. Meanwhile, almost 24 percent of you wanted us to leave Rob and Kristen the hell alone. Yeah, like that'll happen.

Once a Bachelor, always a Bachelor: When Ali Fedotowsky picked Roberto Martinez on The Bachelorette, she left poor runner-up Chris Lambton out in the cold. But we decided to ask if, following sporadic tradition, Chris should be featured on the next season of ABC's The Bachelor. A whopping 62.2 percent wanted Chris to star on the next show cycle and finally get the chance to pick his own girl and not get spurned. But 20.6 percent thought a newbie should get the prime position, while 17.2 percent agreed that both of these dating shows are way past their expiration date. But you're all wrong—it should go to Mel Gibson, duh.

The No. 1 celebrity turn-off is...diva attitude? This was quite the shocker, kids! Given our endless list of Blind Vice categories—drugs, alcohol, closet cases, sexual deviants, to name a few—we asked which type of crime turned you off the most, if you were to find out that a certain celebrity engages in such behavior! Well, 31.1 percent of you folks insisted that a bad diva ‘tude was the biggest deal breaker. Really? Not a closet drug problem (27.3 percent) or sexual debauchery (17.9 percent)? Also, only 0.6 percent thought that alcoholism wasn't a big deal. Hmmm, considering the fact that most of the town's either a closet boozer or bisexual (or both), that's an interesting little factoid, isn't it?

Alexander Skarsgård will get all nakey on True Blood first. Probably: Just for fun, we wanted to know your predictions on which major True Blood star would bare it all—and we mean it all—on the HBO hit first. Now, remember, we asked who would do it first, not who you wanted to do it first. But alas, we'll never know the difference, since 70.8 friggin' percent said Alexander Skarsgård! The next possible nudie—way down the list—was Anna Paquin with 9.5 percent, then Ryan Kwanten at 6.1 percent and Joe Manganiello at 5.5 percent. I guess we can interpret this as everyone should stay covered up except for Alexander, who should do every single damn scene without any clothes on. Did that come off sarcastically? ‘Cause, um, we're kind of serious.

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