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By Kristin Dos Santos Aug 24, 2010 1:22 AMTags
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Stop the presses!

Is Kenneth (Jack McBrayer) jumping ship on 30 Rock? This is the news that has us devastated this week in our roundup of exclusive TV scoop!! But hmmm...perhaps you wanna hear some juicy tidbits about the possible return of Britney Spears to Glee (and confirmation that Jonathan Groff will be back!), a kick-ass new sidekick on Castle, the latest on Chuck and Blair on Gossip Girl, a possible return for John Lithgow to Dexter and True Blood's season finale?

Thought so. Here it is:


Elle in Michigan: OK, forget about the Britney episode of Glee, what can you tell me about the Brittany episode of Glee?
We love Heather Morris (Brittany) too! Ran into exec producer Dante Di Loreto at an Emmys event for nominated producers and he spilled about the upcoming "Britney/Brittany" bonanza, "Heather Morris can really sing. We know she can dance, but to see her dance and hear her sing all at once is really fantastic. She knocks it out of the park. And we learn a lot of new things about Brittany in the episode—we might be surprised to hear what Brittany thinks about Britney Spears." Dante also revealed that "We're all working hard to make more Glee for you: Football players were dancing until about three o'clock in the morning on Friday." Mmmm…were they dancing to Brit's "Stronger," being football players and all? "Ryan [Murphy] would kill me if I told you. But I would say…you're smart." Yay! That gingo bilboa is paying off. Or wait…How is it spelled? (Joaking!)

Frederick in Des Moines: Will Britney be back on Glee or it's just a one-time thing?
They're already talking about bringing her back. How very HIMYM of you! Hey, maybe Brit can bring that Barney guy with her.

Alex in Venice, Italy: Is Jonathan Groff ever coming back to Glee?
Yep! Exec producer Dante Di Loreto (whom you can follow @GleeTV on Twitter, BTW) tells us, "Yes, absolutely, without a doubt Jonathan will be back. He's in London right now. We're hoping he'll finish that pesky play and come back and work with us." Hurry up, dude! Rachel Berry has a raw egg with your name on it!

Cory Sorensen/corysorensen.com

Scott in Detroit, Mich.: I totally remember Joe Manganiello, True Blood's Alcide, as Brad on How I Met Your Mother! Any chance he'll make another appearance on the show?
Ew. That flabby schlub? "I would bet money that Brad will be back." That's what the ridonkulously hot man himself told us. So what exactly has Brad been up to since we last saw him in the season five premiere? "He revealed he may be a hermaphrodite 'cause he tells Robin, 'I'm a little different down there,' So maybe deeper into the mystery of what Brad is," Joe suggested. "We need to figure out what Brad is. We're figuring out who the mother is and what exactly Brad is. It's kind of the b-plot of the show, 'What is Brad?'" B-plot?! Psh, we're promoting the Brad mystery to the A-plot. Sorry Ted's baby mama, we've had enough of your drama.

Charlotte in Georgia: I love Modern Family, and I hope they win all the Emmys this weekend! Have you been able to get any scoop on season two at the Emmys events?
Alex (Ariel Winter) is getting several storylines this year. Ariel tells us, "Alex gets a little friend who probably will develop into something more. Alex is turning into a teenager and maybe more of the popular girl. She'll still be the know-it-all, the smart aleck, but she's just going to be a little popular." Ooh, and what does big sis Haley (Sarah Hyland) think of that? "I don't think Alex really cares what her big sister thinks. I think once she becomes top dog in her school, it's going to be, 'Hey, I'm as cool as me now so you can't say anything. I can still make fun of you, but you can't make fun of me.' "


Drew in Chicago: What's the latest on Brothers and Sisters? You haven't talked about it in a while!
I forgot! And that's exactly what's going to be happening to Holly (Patricia Wettig) in the new season—except she's gonna forget something much, um, bigger. She has memory loss and can't even remember her own daughter Rebecca, from what I hear. I'm guessing this makes the loss of Emily VanCamp somehow easier? But crazy, right?! I love it. I'm also told that Emily will appear in episode three and four of the new season and that she and Justin will have some serious problems. Oh, and there may be another little Walker on the way! One of the women wants to get pregnant. Guesses?

Heather in Tuscaloosa, Ala.: Why, oh why, is there no Mad Men scoop? Pleeeaaaase give us some dish!
The divine Christina Hendricks, who plays Joan Holloway Harris, tells us, "There is a lot about to happen, so tune in. It's going to be good. Mad Men without darkness is Disneyland without Mickey Mouse. It will be there." Rich Sommer, aka Harry Crane, agrees, promising, "I can say the show doesn't get any less dark. You'll see some deeper levels of despair—but it's still funny! I think as long as someone like Roger Sterling (John Slattery) is around, it'll still stay light." Any guesses about what's so bad?

Adam Rose/FOX

Heather in Chico, Calif: What's the latest on Finn and Rachel?
In case you missed it: PDA central! Something tells me they're going to be giving Cam and Mitchell a run for the money. Ryan Murphy talks about how they're going to be very visible in very public places with their love (you happy, Finnchel fans!?) and how Will and Emma fans aren't so lucky in this exclusive right here.

Francesca: So happy John Lithgow won the Emmy on Saturday! Will he be back on Dexter at all?
Well, his character Trinity is dead but we here at WWK Central have spent way too much time decoding my on-camera interview with John and have reached the verdict of: Absolutely! John's words said: "You know, people who work on Dexter never answer questions like that. You know that! It's a cultural secrecy surrounding Dexter. It makes it a lot of fun. Half the time, we didn't even know what was coming." But the avoidance of the Q, coupled with John's head shake and smile gave it all away if you ask me! I also broke the news to Mr. Trinity that Julie Benz hasn't been able to take a bath since the last season finale, and Lithgow laughed: "I did for bathtubs what Janet Leigh did for showers back in the '50s." True dat. I miss feeling pruney.

Eli in New York: Can't wait until Sept. 26! Spill me some news about Dexter, please.
According to James Remar, this season brings still more growth for our fave killer and all his family members, dead and alive: "As Dexter's personality progresses, Harry progresses. I believe at this time, Harry's more of a companionate figure. He's more of a companion than a specter that haunts him—and Dexter's not being as rebellious." Hmmm…could Harry be taking the brakes off Dexter this season? Interesting. (BTW, James is ready and willing to return to The Vampire Diaries as Giuseppe Salvatore should he be called upon to do so. "You never know with the vampires." Indeed.)

Greg in New Hampshire: Is Kenneth the Page really off of 30 Rock this season? Didn't he show up drunk at the end of the season finale saying he was fired?
Yes, Jack MacBrayer is off the show because he just really wasn't working out. Also, monkeys are going to fly out of Tina Fey's butt. Translation: They would never let Kenneth/ Jack go! But how crazy is this Twitter photo that Grizz sent out via Twtter http://twitgoo.com/1jn8s1 that clearly shows Kenneth working for some crazy network that has an eyeball logo or something. Traitor! I'm appalled, Kenneth. Just appalled.


Nikki in Bowling Green, Ohio: Parenthood was one of my favorite new shows last year, and I need some scoop on the second season!
You're in luck, because the season premiere date is just around the corner (Sept. 14!). Erika Christensen was gracious and lovely enough to spill some tidbits on what's coming up for Julia, and it involves spawning. "My character decides she wants to get pregnant and have a second child," Erika tells us as at the Creative Emmy Awards. "Her husband maybe isn't quite as enthusiastic about it as she is." And if her hubby ain't gonna do the job, someone else might! There are plenty of hot dudes coming on the show next season, after all. "When a woman makes up her mind, she gets what she wants. I do occasionally think maybe she'll have an affair at one point," she says. Relax, she's joking. Or is she?


Roland in Toluca Lake, Calif.: It would be so double rainbow if you could give me any secrets from the next season of Castle.
Remember when you thought Stana Katic couldn't get any hotter? You are so wrong, bro. "Beckett rides a motorbike!" she tells us gleefully. And this won't be a onetime thing either, so don't you worry—it's her new thing. "Beckett definitely has a motor bike at home. I'm so stoked. I can't wait!" We can't either. Meanwhile, that sound you hear is millions of fanboys drawing up concepts for Stana's leather biker-babe ensembles.

Libbie in Georgetown, Texas: Please tell me you've seen the season three premiere of Sons of Anarchy! You have to give me something! I gotta know how the Sons react to poor Abel's kidnapping, if they react at all!
Oh, they definitely react. No doubt about that. Season three is all about the effect that Abel's kidnapping has on the club, and Sons show runner Kurt Sutter just revealed, "Season three is a bit different for us. I felt like after two seasons of serialized character development, fans would be open to learn more about the history of the club. This season we delve into the mythology of the Sons' connection to the IRA and John Teller's relationship with Belfast. It's a huge season for Jax. In fact, it's all about the three generations of Tellers—John, Jax and Abel." (Among other things, we'll actually see John Teller's face for the first time this season.)

Giovanni Rufino/CW

Steph in Austin, Texas: Kristin, there's a rumor that Chuck tries to rape and beat Blair. Can you clear that up for me because if this happens, [Gossip Girl] can shove this show where the sun doesn't shine. Thanks!
Per my rock-solid source: "LOL. Not true in the least." So no one needs to shove anything anywhere uncomfortable. Phew!

Sarah in Massapequa, N.Y.: Am I the only person sensing some romantic tension between Aria's dad Byron (Chad Lowe) and Hanna's mom Ashley (Laura Leighton) on Pretty Little Liars?
Trust us, you are definitely not the only one catching the pair's meaningful stares and ever-growing connection, but there might be someone standing in their way when this guiltiest of guilty pleasures returns, and that someone ain't his estranged wife, Ella (Holly Marie Combs). We caught up with Amanda Schull, aka Byron's former mistress Meredith, who tells us fans will be seeing more of her in the second half of the season: "As far as I know I will be [back]. I don't know the details of that but I know that the story line, especially the story lines in the book say I will be." Well, according to the books she's around for a (pregnant pause)… long time. Oops, was that too obvious?

Kiley in Colorado: Any scoop on Psych? My friends and I all agree that this season's run of episodes has been awesome—so much better than all of last year's serious drama!
Agreed! Lost's Nestor Carbonell spilled to us about his upcoming guest gig on Psych:  "I play a criminal profiler who rivals Shawn, James Roday's character, and who one-ups him at every turn. Shawn's never had somebody one-up him. Shawn's always the man in charge—he's pretty much a superhero. But I come in and I destroy him—which is a lot of fun."

John P. Johnson / HBO

Jessica: True Blood! How great was last night's episode?
So great I'm honestly broken up that there are only two episodes left! I just interviewed the completely amazing Denis O'Hare (Russell Edgington, the big bad vampire king) and he told me that the season finale was his most challenging work yet (gulp!), and that "Sookie is very mean to me…Eric is very mean to me…and I cry tears of joy." I am a little alarmed by that last tease! What on Earth could make Russell so happy? Talbot somehow coming back from the crystal urn? A double rainbow? An all-you-can-eat baby buffet?

Karen in Illinois: Are you going to retract your statement about the werewolf gang rape [on True Blood]? That never happened.
Sorry! My very bad bad. And proof that apparently I am the one with the truly sick mind. I personally thought the werewolf initiation scene to be something of a gang-rape scene, hence my mention on E! News of it…I don't know, perhaps it was open to interpretation, or I'm in need of serious medication? (Don't answer that.) Regardless: I went back and you're right: No actual rape was ever shown. My apologies for my apparently overactive imagination and please know, True Blood remains one of my all-time favorite shows. That is an indisputable fact.

Emily in Toronto, Ontario: Hi Kristin! I have a question about True Blood and I'm really hoping you can help me out. How is Arlene pregnant with Rene? Does this mean that everything that has happened over the past almost two seasons has been over the course of merely weeks? It just doesn't add up to me. Thank you!
It's a reminder that each season of True Blood covers very little time…Only a few weeks! Arlene is only about 7-8 weeks pregnant, so really, very little time has passed since Rene's death in season one. All I know is a lot happens in Bon Temps and I don't want to live there. Well, OK, fine, unless you're going to shack (shackle?) me up with Eric.

Bob Mahoney/The CW

Britney in Dallas: I'm so over Stelena and Delena on The Vampire Diaries. Please tell me we will see more Dalaric!
You can rest easy because we will be seeing plenty of Damon and Alaric teaming up in season two. We asked the show's very own Buffy (spin-off idea: Alaric The Vampire Slayer!) Matt Davis, about the unlikely duo's partnership and here's what he told us: "Our bromance is definitely developing. You'll see much more of that for sure. I love Ian to pieces and I love working with him and I think our chemistry as friends and the way Kevin and Julie write the two of them together, just the archetypes of the two characters together I think fit really well." If that wasn't cute enough for you, Matt recently tweeted a picture of the duo's nifty supernatural rings with the caption, "Wonder Twin power unite in shape of a bromance!!!" Um, I die.

Monica: Hi! Any scoop on 90210?
Michael Steger tells us: "I show up in a Ferrari, I got rid of the Lamborghini, so I am driving a new car to school on the first day." Jessica Lowndes: "My new character is no longer in high school, she's touring and singing, so there's a lot more music, which has been a lot of fun." And Matt Lanter: "There's always drama, love triangles, I've got a half-brother coming in. There's a big earthquake that happens in episode one, so it kind of affects everybody, it's kind of fun." By the way, Matt stars as the Robert Pattinson in the new spoof movie Vampires Suck and jokes about his anticipated reaction from Twilight fans: "I got a couple extra deadbolts on my door just as a precaution, but so far, I haven't needed 'em."

Sammi in Temecula, Calif.: Any scoop on my Thursday-night guilty pleasure, Private Practice?
James Remar tells us of his Private Practice character:  "He's a bad boy doctor who worked with Doctors Without Borders with Pete (Tim Daly) in the past—and we have history, obviously. My character is a doctor who likes working for people that don't have any money, and he gives his services for nothing, but some of his patients may be questionable."

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 Melody in Indiana: Any dish on Covert Affairs? So excited it's coming back for a second season!
Yes! This week's episode puts the affairs in Covert Affairs. We'll learn that not one but two of Augie's girlfriends are known troublemakers who are being watched by the CIA. Oh, and Chris Gorham takes his shirt off and proves he's definitely no Henry Grubstick skinny nerd. Meow!

Sara in Springfield, Ill.: When, oh when, does Greek come back? I must know what happens to Cappie and Casey!
They are finishing up the filming of season four right now, but it won't premiere until January! Doesn't that seem just ridiculously far away? And while no official announcement has been made on a renewal, when we visited the set we were told that the writers have been wrapping up storylines as if this was the last season. Bummer city. In regards to Cappie and Casey, Spencer Grammer did tell us that they "reconcile in some way." Feel free to speculate on that little gem for the next four months.

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Arrow, Jenna Mullins & Tierney Bricker

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