Khloé Dishes Out "Tough Love" to Kourtney Via Twitter

Younger sister offers some unsoliticed advice when it comes to family whipping boy Scott Disick

By Marianne Garvey Aug 23, 2010 3:05 PMTags
Khloe Kardashian Odom, Kourtney KardashianHumberto Carreno/

Looks like last night's season premiere of of Keeping Up With the Kardashians didn't do much to change Khloé Kardashian Odom's opinion of Scott Disick.

The ever-outspoken one took to her Twitter after the episode to give sister Kourtney a good lashing for returning to the ne'er-do-well Disick even though he's the father of their son, Mason.

Take it away, Khloé…

"I dont allow peps 2 treat me like crapthen open my arms up 2 them so quickly. Kourt needs 2 think be4 she goes back in2 her comfort routine," Khloé wrote.

"I need 2 c a REAL change before I feel comfortable letting Mase and Kourt around him

"I'm there 4 Kourt by not letting scott continue 2 hurt her. Tough love it is. Im not going to 4give some1 6 times. Ur not me"

"This is my sister and my nephew. Of course I would do anything for them. And I have :). I said my part"

This being Khloé, we knew she wouldn't stay quiet for long. In a followup post this morning (she's in Europe with hubby Lamar, hence the early-bird tweeting), she simmered down a bit, giving a shout-out to her older sis:

"Mason is the best! And Kourt is an amazing mama."

Now just don't get her started again on Scott...