Move over, Britney Spears. And don't make us laugh, Ashton Kutcher. Twitter has a new queen and her reign will be fabulous.

Over the weekend, Lady Gaga got a considerable bump to her already noble title, usurping Brit (and long since leaving aplusk in the dust) after amassing a whopping 5,741,450 and counting followers.

Long live the queen Tween! But what good is a monarch without a few fast and loose edicts? Luckily, Gaga's are all good…

"I wanted to thank all my beautiful little monsters for following me," she said in her inauguration video (technically, coronation, but one doesn't correct the queen, does one?) thanking her fans for making her the No. 1 celebrity tweeter.

"Thank you for beginning my reign as Twitter queen. May you always have soft cuticles while tweeting, may you never have carpal tunnel."

Forget pronouncements about cake eating, these are the kinds of dictums we can get behind.

"I vow to never partake in celebrity online shenanigans. And I vow to always tweet and tweet again," she said.

And, by the looks of things, she also vows to eat any Twitter birds that don't fly away as and when she tells them. So take note, fail whale. You've been warned.

We would never dream of overthrowing the queen, but how about following @eonline on Twitter? And if it's Gaga you want, we've got it!

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