Glee Scoop: Britney "Lockdown," a Romance Update and...John Stamos Is Getting His Own Show!

Set was on "lockdown" for Britney, and John Stamos is getting his own show!

By Kristin Dos Santos Aug 22, 2010 5:52 PMTags
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Get ready to Gleek your pants.

I just chatted up Glee boss Ryan Murphy and the best hair-hater of all time, Jane Lynch, at the Creative Arts Emmys and you won't believe what they told me:

1. Get Ready for The John Stamos Show! Ryan Murphy not only confirmed that he is developing a show for Glee's Emmy-nominated guest star Kristin Chenoweth (let the angels sing!), but he revealed to me exclusively that he is currently working on creating a new show for upcoming guest star John Stamos, too! (All the Uncle Jesse fans in the house say boo-ya!) Ryan says both of them will "probably" sing in their new series because, hello, they can. Sounds like Murphy is setting out to create a whole new musical-comedy TV empire, and I like it.

2. Britney Scoop! Having Britney on set was like "having the President," according to Murphy, who reveals he couldn't even get on his own set at one point when Ms. Spears on shooting her guest spot! Security was so tight with wristbands, etc. that even the cast and producers had to face interrogation. Jane Lynch says she was at Disneyland that day because they "probably wouldn't have let me on anyway."

3. "Finnchel" and "Wemma" scoop! Ryan gave some giddy-good news on Finn and Rachel for the coming season, and some not-so-giddy news on Will and Emma. Check it out in this exclusive video of my interview with Ryan, in which we talk Britney, John Stamos, Kristin Chenoweth, the Super Bowl Episode and yes, the deliciousness that is Finnchel and Wemma...

4. Jon Hamm Looooves Jane Lynch! One more reason to totally adore the living daylights out of Lynch (and envy her even more): She got mauled by Hamm on the red carpet! OK, so this might not be a completely accurate description, but when one of the hottest TV stars of all time interrupts the middle of an interview to bear hug one of the funniest TV stars of all time, well, let's just say you have to see it for yourself. And lucky for you I have the video below. Jane also talks about what's coming up for Sue Sylvester, her SNL gig and more...

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Video: Kristin's dress by Rachel Pally and jewelry by Bavna.