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We've had the weekend to dig through the hundred-billion-plus comments from our "Fans Expose Robsten's Posh L.A Love Nest" item (we had to take Xanax when we were done) and are more confused than ever by you Twi-hards:

You hound us daily about Robsten info, bitch when there's not enough new goss and then bitch when there's too much! Friggin' tell us how you want it, already?

Look, we do a good job of not outing R and K when they hit the town (duh, wait until the next morning to type a safe distance away), and we don't literally follow them or stalk for info. Plus, the friggin' pics that had many of you so worked up were from the online real estate listing for everyone to find!

We did not buy the photos from certain agencies when a pap-trespassed and actually took pics of the house while Pattinson and Stewart were there. We're not the ones trouncing through Robsten's private property snapping pics—here's looking at you certain fans.

You can't have it both ways, babes. So tell us, once and for all, how do you want your Rob and Kristen gossip?

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Photos: Rob & Kristen Romance Diary

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