Aspiring model Kendall Jenner made quite a splash with her bikini modeling shots, but her parents Kris and Bruce think they're A-OK.

"She's 14 years old and actually a little bit older than the typical age that a young lady goes out and wants to do something that she's passionate about," Kris said of much discussed modeling shots at last night's Keeping Up With the Kardsahians and The Spin Crowd premiere party.

And in typical Kardashian fashion, Bruce had no idea what was actually going on...

"I dropped her off at the beach because she had this photo shoot...and the next day I dropped her off at the studio," he said during our livestream from the party. "Two days later, we left for Wyoming. So for the next week, we were riding horses up in the mountains and having a great time."

Little did he know that his daughter was posing for bikini pics and the reaction that they would receive once released!

"So I come home and I say to Kris, 'How's everything?'...I had no idea what was going on."

But now that Bruce is actually looped in, he thinks the photos are just fine.

"This is the bottom line," he explained. "I thought that the pictures were really appropriate. She wants to be a model...yes, she's only 14. But I encourage kids, if they want to work at a young age and have the opportunity, to take it."

Tune in for the fifth season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians and the season premiere of The Spin Crowd this Sunday at 10 p.m.

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