James Franco, General Hospital

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Remember when James Franco hung up his movie star digs for a guest spot on General Hospital...twice? Totally bizarre, we know, but that's James' M.O. these days. And trust, we wouldn't put anything past this alleged Twi-hard anymore.

We caught up with some of his former coworkers from the daytime soap at Wednesday night's Cougar Style Soirée at Hotel Palomar (they were there to make sure the even met the sexy young men quota, of course) and asked them what it was like to have the A-lister on the set:

And he got nothing but compliments. Damn...er, we mean, good to hear! We already know that everyone in this town loves him, so we were hoping maybe they'd dish some scandalous dirt on the dude.

"I didn't know him beforehand, and what impressed me the most about him—not only his preparation and the way he approached his work—is the way he treated the crew," Bradford Anderson gabbed.

"A good litmus test for anyone's character is how they treat the crew. And he was just so warm and remembered people's names and just was so generous and gracious with the people that other people might not treat as kindly."

But the Franco-lovin' didn't stop there. Brandon Barash confirmed that James didn't show any signs of the infamous T-town ego, saying: "He was very gracious, happy to be there and just a down-to-earth dude. If you didn't know who James Franco was, you would have had no idea. He was awesome."

OK, OK, we get it. James Franco is amazing. You don't have to tell us twice.

With how much these dudes seem to adore James, you'd think the head honchos over at General Hospital would be begging him to come back. But we're told there are no plans for that as of yet.

"He didn't die," Brandon teased about James coming back. "But even if he did die, there's always the possibility of an evil twin, a ghost, a dog that has been reincarnated as a human, who knows?"

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