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Dear Ted:
I'm curious about Lea Michele and Dianna Agron. Back when Glee started and they lived together, they were practically inseparable, and now they rarely even walk the same red carpets and avoid being photographed all together. Did these two have a falling out, or did the rumors of their "closeness" lead to a destruction of their friendship? If it's the latter, then it's quite sad. Or, does Ryan Murphy have puppet strings on his entire cast and tell them to stay apart?

Dear Glee Be Gone:
Ryan Murphy has no problem with his cast being über-tight offscreen—or at least saying they are. He loves the "we're all a family" schtick the kids are selling 'cause it works for the show. As for Di and Lea, the two are still supertight, trust, no—well...very little—drama between this twosome. Shocking, we know! Both gals are busy this summer and have different work priorities, which leaves little time to be besties.

Dear Ted:
Your vitriol against Angelina Jolie and this so-called biography is disgusting. If you didn't like what he wrote and you know so much, why don't you write the unauthorized biography then? I don't know what the deal is thinking Jennifer Aniston wasn't complicit in Brad Pitt leaving her, but here's what I saw: Brad clearly stated that he wanted a family. He said it loud and clear in interview after interview with Jen at his side, before he was married, after he was married. It was one interview he and Jen were doing and it was towards the end of Friends, Brad was enthusiastic and said he would love to start having a family. You know what Jen said? She wanted to start getting into movies. Well, unfortunately for her, he met someone, fell in love and now he has the family Jen refused to give him. So stop slamming Angie for what Jen made happen. Jen pushed her man away. Not Angie.

Dear Overly Defensive:
First of all, love, I called the book a total puff piece—because it is—but I was pretty even-handed to St. Ange, only reiterating what Andrew Morton penned about her. As for why I wasn't the one telling-all? Uh, 'cause I don't want my ass sued by Camp Brangelina. They were cool with a pro-Angelina piece, but not a true tell-all. And you may want to get your Brad and Jen facts straight if you want to have a serious debate. Hell, even the biography was able to somewhat do that.

Dear Ted:
Have Toothy Tile and Crotch Uh-lastic ever starred in a movie together? Wouldn't that be dreamy? Do you think they'd have the chops to do a remake of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid? I'm sure we'll never see them in a Making Love, but damn wouldn't that be hot?

Dear Closeted Costars:
When we first introduced good old Crotchy, he hadn't starred alongside T2 and, sadly, that's still the case. Both actors are über-talented and have the chops to remake pretty much anything. And, M, if it makes you feel better, Crotch would be so down for a Making Love remake. Not over Toothy's dead body would he agree to it though.

Dear Ted:
What TV show casts are actually close? They all say they're "like a family," but obviously that's not the case most of the time. Thank you!

Dear Family Matters:
Sometimes the ones that actually play families get along best—ya know, less competition when everyone isn't of the same age bracket or celebrity, always trying to outshine their costars. Off the top of my head, Modern Family. Julie Bowen and Sofia Vergara are regular gal-pals, you know.

Dear Ted:
Has Neil Patrick Harris ever been a Blind Vice? No? I didn't really think so. But having one's own Blind Vice is an honor! You've said so many times, and NPH represents so well that he totally deserves to be honored! (Isn't it wonderful news about the twins he and David Burtka are expecting?) Maybe you should start a whole new category: thinly disguised Blind Virtues! NPH would be a great candidate for No. 1.

Dear Pre-Vice-ly:
NPH hasn't had anything scandalous on him since he came out of the closet—the man is practically a saint by Hollywood standards. And yes, it is wonderful news about his soon-to-be babies. That's going to be about the most friggin' adorable family ever.

Dear Ted:
Do you think Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli's relationship is friends with benefits? Leo always looked in love with Gisele Bündchen, but never looks in love with Bar. Agreed, these two don't have to smile for the cameras, but they don't even smile for each other, even when they're shot when they think no one is looking.

Dear Set the Bar High:
Love, they always know when someone is looking. But while Leo and Bar may not be tying the knot anytime soon (as we've been reassured by sources inside Camp DiCaprio) they're totally into each other. Their Euro vacay is going perfectly as far as they're concerned.

Dear Ted:
You've said that sometimes gays and their beards are friends, and sometimes they even enjoy the on-the-job "benefits" that come with the gig. Often in life, "benefits" lead to unexpected "blessings." Do you think any of the beards ever liked the position, status, money that comes with the relationship that they arranged for the "unexpected blessing" on purpose to make their position permanent? Do the players ever get played?

Dear Good One:
Yes, your imagined scenario has come to pass. But it's truly rare.

Dear Ted:
Why is Taylor Lautner still single? Surely he can get any girl he wants, right? I know people are linking him with Selena Gomez, but I don't buy that one, they seem like brother and sister. Who do you think he should date? Also am I the only one who thinks he has a crush on Kristen Stewart?

Dear Lamenting Lautner:
Sure, he could get (nearly) any girl he wants, but he can't make it last. That's the boy's problem, which really isn't that big of a problem seeing as he's just that, a boy. As for his "crush" on K.Stew, trust, they are definitely more big sister, little bro than potential paramours.

Dear Ted:
Just so I can sleep at night, please tell me Moisty Mohr is not Andy Rooney. Because the ick factor there is just too high.

Dear Midnight Madness:
Sleep well, sugarpuss, 'cause Andy is not our perv. Though, come to think of it, you might sleep worse if you knew who he really was.

Dear Ted:
Just curious what you think: The last time Andrew Morton wrote a sympathetic tell-all, the subject was in on it. Think Ange might have cooperated to some extent, or at least not interfered too much, in exchange for what you called a puff piece?

Dear Off the Record:
Well, she definitely didn't interfere, but get involved? Hmmm, what an interesting idea...

Dear Ted:
Remember how I rescued one abandoned lamb from the bitter winter conditions down here in the land of Oz? Well, now there are seven little bleaters snuggled up in the shed. And because they are scared of anything with teeth, they want to know if there is anything you can reveal about Wolfman Benicio Del Toro?

Dear Furry Love:
Let's just say Benicio's got a helluva lot of Colin Farrell in him. Incredibly talented, astonishingly raunchy.

Dear Ted:
Taking a break from celebrating The Kiss (Rob and Kristen, duh) long enough to ask you a little question. Miss Tinsel Korey was a busy little bee on her Twitter and had some tweets somewhat pertaining to Robsten, saying she knows something we don't know that will all be revealed before next summer. Do you know of anything about Rob or Kristen that could be "revealed" in the near future? Say, a wedding?

Dear Frugal Follower:
Uh, since when has Tinsel been a source for anything? I would consider her one of those not so in the know, even on Taylor Lautner goss. And c'mon, T, you know as well as I do that a marriage or Robsten offspring isn't happening anytime soon.

Dear Ted:
You mentioned at one point that Shafterella was entertaining the ladies, but then more recently, in a Shafty update, you said that the person she is with now was who she was with all along—even when the initial bearding began. So was that tidbit true? Or was that part written (or given out) to lead us astray?
—Gets the Shaft

Dear Shave Off Shafty:
Let me clarify: She wasn't with her current fellow the entire time she was in her PR setup. Shafterella met this guy while she was smiling for photos with her closeted "BF"; then kicked her arranged guy out on his ass without thinking of what her actions would do for his public image. As for the ladies, well, she's never been shy in that arena, just not her main drive.

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