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Whispers that Brittany Murphys widower and grieving mother became lovers in the wake of the actress' death are not new.

But did a just-released official document confirm that Simon Monjack and Sharon Murphy were an item? 

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The Los Angeles County Coroner's Department case report into Monjack's own May 23 death is an autopsy account. (You can read the documents for yourself here and here.) Overall, there is nothing much new, which is not the same thing as saying no new fuel's been pumped into the rumor mill.  

In a section detailing a walk-through of Monjack's Hollywood Hills bedroom, where the producer died, Sharon Murphy is quoted as telling an investigator, by way of explaining the presence of prescription-drug bottles in her name, "that this is 'her' side of the bed." That's the part TMZ jumped on when it broke the report on Tuesday. Sharon Murphy, in turn, has jumped on the Website and coroner's officials. 

"I am suffering from the most unimaginable loss, and ask that they stop this inexcusable behavior and their quest to produce more mental anguish upon me," Sharon Murphy said in a statement today to E! News.

Sharon Murphy says the report "false[ly]" notes there were prescription bottles made out to a "Sharon Monjack," and takes TMZ to task for "its salacious headline suggesting that my prescious [sic] son-in-law Simon and I slept in bed together." Rep Roger Neal further tells E! News that coroner's officials essentially misheard and/or misquoted Sharon Murphy regarding the matter of the bed, saying, "In the [coroner's] report, [Sharon] was referring to Brittany's side of the bed, and it has been twisted."

When asked to respond to Sharon Murphy's accusations, the coroner's office repeatedly referred us back to the documents—or, in other words, it's not backing away from them. For what it's worth, the report refers to Monjack's bed as "his" bed, and defines Sharon Murphy only as Monjack's mother-in-law. (And, actually, Sharon Murphy's name is redacted in the version released to the press.) TMZ doesn't make a couple of Monjack and Sharon Murphy, either. Its headline is correct, per the report: "Brittany Murphy's Mom—Shared Bed With Monjack." And the article itself states that the coroner's office "doesn't suggest sexual contact between the two."

So, back to the original question: Do we have proof now of a romantic relationship between Monjack and Sharon Murphy? No. And neither the coroner's department, nor TMZ, said we did.  

—Additional reporting by Whitney English

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