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Here's our dilemma: We totally heart Rachel McAdams. Not so much a problem, right? Well we just can't friggin' figure out why. Of course, she's absolutely gorgeous, no dispute there, and she puts out a seemingly decent flow of movies. But is that it?

We don't mean to sound greedy, mind you, but there are plenty of chicks (and dudes, no less) in T-town who have acting chops and looks to boot who don't pique our interest as much as Ms. McAdams. And so, for some reason whenever she pops up on our radar we take note.

We have a sneaking suspicion that we know why we want to know more and more about this particular lady, but what say you? Is McAdams a mystery you can't help but want to investigate?

Here's what we're thinking: We call it The Notebook Effect.

Sure, we obviously first started loving Rach in Mean Girls—just take a moment to consider how drastically differently her career ended up from Lindsay Lohan's...crazy, isn't it?—but it wasn't until the Nicholas Sparks rain-humping, tear-jerking flick that we decided she was a fave leading lady of ours.

Of course, the movie also began her très adorable relaysh with costar-turned-BF Ryan Gosling.

Maybe that's why we're so hung up on a hottie who's seemingly not that interesting offscreen—no offense to the babe intended. We love that she's got a good head on her shoulders and is oh-so-sweet—no need for LiLo-like antics from this Plastics alum—but aside from when she has a film to promote, we hardly even hear about her.

Ry, too, mind you, but we see him looking studly at the gym all the time (and oh, are we thankful for that), so he's on our minds quite a bit. Perhaps we are just like many of you and wish these two—who haven't had a serious relaysh with anyone else since they split—would rekindle their on- and offscreen romance.

So do you love Rach 'cause she's a stand-up chick, or do you think it might be because she's half of one of the hottest Young Hollywood couple to ever break our hearts when they went their separate ways?

Sound off below!

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