Sneak a Peek at Brittany Murphy's Last Performance

Check out scenes from the late actress' final role, in the straight-to-DVD Abandoned--what do you think?

By Gregory Imler Aug 17, 2010 11:01 PMTags

A glimpse into Brittany Murphy's final role is here.

When she died last December, the actress had completed work on two as-yet-unreleased movies. The last one she filmed, Abandoned, will be released straight-to-DVD next week (the other one, Something Wicked, is still in production).

Have a look:

In the flick, also starring Dean Cain, Murphy plays Mary, a woman whose boyfriend vanishes while in the hospital for a routine procedure. She swears she dropped him off, but with no record of him ever being admitted, the hospital staff begin to question Mary's sanity and ultimately confine her.

Naturally, this is where the film cues the mysterious stranger who not only knows the whereabouts of Mary's boyfriend, but also how she can get him back. Just a modest $10 billion ransom!

Check out our sneak peeks and tell us what you think.