Glee Goes After George Michael and Prince

Executive producer Ryan Murphy on the Purple One: "I would love to feature him and his music on the show."

By Jennifer Arrow Aug 18, 2010 5:44 PMTags
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Glee has already featured the poptastic likes of Madonna, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears, but creator Ryan Murphy isn't done yet!

Here's what he just told us:

He's working on Prince and George Michael!

At the Eat Pray Love premiere, Murphy revealed his passion for the Purple One, telling us, "I want to do something on Prince. I love Prince. I think he is just a genius, and I would love to feature him and his music on the show. Everything about him is dreamy and fantastic, and more than that, he meant a great deal to my life growing up. So I'm saying, 'Prince, help me out.' "

You hear that Mr. Purple Rain?

Murphy also wants to go back to the '80s and feature the works of pre-downfall George Michael. Murphy says, "I don't think George Michael will be on per se, but I'm a huge fan of George Michael and I love his we are gonna do something with George Michael's music."

But don't worry, Gleeks—recent news cycles to the contrary, the series won't be overdosing on celebrity stunts. Executive producer Brad Falchuk reassures us superfans that the focus remains on the key characters we know and love. Falchuk says, "We'll probably just do one or [two] tribute episodes each season. We're really trying to make this season about the intimacy of the characters. We want to get into it with the characters, get to know them better and dig deeper into those people, because we love them so much."

We do love them so much! Who's with us?


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