Mel Gibson, Montana Fishburne, Lindsay Lohan

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Best of Summer

As the end of summer rapidly approaches, it's time to take an official look at what had people talking, blogging and tweeting this summer. Behold: E! Online's Best Of Summer celebration!

A lot of crazy stuff went down this summer—pot busts, porn scandal, underpants controversy—so we'd like to kick this off with five celebrity stories that really stood out from the crowd.

So check it out, you guys, the five wildest stories of the summer:

1. Judge drops hammer on Lindsay Lohan: After getting around the legal system for three years, Linds finally got what was comin': 90 days in jail and 90 days in rehab! Yay! LOL JK, she was only in jail for two weeks and should be released from rehab any day now.

2. Mel Gibson Says Awful, Awful Things on Leaked Audio: Racist comments, threats of violence and a never-ending parade of expletives only scratch the surface of Mel's rants—which seemed to be leaking onto the web aaalll summer. We knew Mel had a little crazy in him, but this definitely puts him on a whole new level.

3. Perez Hilton and Miley Cyrus Have Some Kind of Photo Controversy: Perez tweeted a pic of what may or may not have been the underaged singer's lady parts. Don't worry though, according to Perez, she was wearing underwear!

4. Laurence Fishbourne's Daughter Does Porn: The CSI star's daughter used her last name to advance her porn career. Oh, and she's in all kinds of trouble with the law. Daddy's little girl.

5. Chace Crawford Gets Busted in Texas: In what could have been ripped from next season's Gossip Girl storyline, Chace was arrested and charged with pot possession in Texas. Hugs not drugs Chace! 

And because not every big celebrity story is on the wild side, we have to acknowledge...

Summer's Saddest Story: Gary Coleman, one of America's favorite child actors who faced many struggles in his adult life, passed away after a fall in his home. Even after his death, people were fighting over what was left of his assets. Hopefully, he is resting in peace.

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