Terminator Star Restrained for Allegedly Pulling a Mel Gibson

Edward Furlong ordered to keep away from his estranged missus after threatening to do some harm

By Josh Grossberg Aug 17, 2010 7:35 PMTags
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Here's hoping he won't be back—for both their sakes.

Edward Furlong's estranged wife has obtained a temporary restraining order against the Terminator 2 star after he allegedly left some Mel Gibson-esque voicemails.

The request filed by Rachael Kneeland was granted on Friday by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge, who instructed the 33-year-old actor to stay at least 100 yards away from his onetime missus and their 3-year-old son, Ethan.

The order came after Kneeland, who's currently embroiled in a bitter divorce with Furlong, accused the thesp of threatening her boyfriend.

"If he dares hang out with f--king Ethan, I swear to God I'm gonna f--king rip his f--king heart and f--king feed it to him you understand me?" Furlong says in one of several profanity-laced messages contained in court documents obtained by The Wrap.

He also promised to "f--king rip him a new one."

The erstwhile John Connor laid into Kneeland, whom he married in April 2006, calling her "f--king vermin" and a "cesspool of s--t." He also warned that he would halt all financial support and threatened to "hire people to beat me with chains and bats."

In the court papers, Kneeland also describes an episode when Furlong allegedly pulled down their son's pants in front of relatives as punishment. And, according to the actress, Furlong "admitted to me that he hit Ethan in his testicles to teach him a lesson."

Kneeland, who goes by the stage name Rachael Bella, says that she had saved the voicemails and plans to play them in court during a hearing scheduled for Aug. 31.

R.J. Rousso, a publicist for Furlong, declined comment. But this isn't the first time Kneeland's restrained her hubby, whose checkered past includes drug abuse, stints in rehab, a 2001 DUI and other run-ins with the law.

Last September, she sought a restraining order after he allegedly hit her in a drug-fueled rage. The injunction was overturned however after Team Furlong pledged to get the actor into counseling and have him drug tested.

Guess that didn't work out so well.

Despite his personal travails, Furlong's still getting work, however. He next appears on the big screen in a minor role opposite Seth Rogen in the comic book caper The Green Hornet, hitting theaters in January.

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