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It's not always easy being the Bachelorette!

Sure, you get to kiss lots of cute guys and travel to exotic places and wind up engaged to a total hottie, but with fame comes rumors.

Like an ex-boyfriend who's supposedly shopping topless pics of Ali Fedotowsky and allegations that she used to be a wild party girl. So how does she deal?

"I don't pay attention to it," she told me at last night's Give and Get Fete benefiting Dress for Success at Soho House. "Somebody can be paid to say 'Oh, I think she did this' or 'I have this dirt on her'. They can say it and they know they're going to get paid or get their name in a magazine, so you can't take it too seriously."

"At the beginning, I sort of did feed into it a little bit and let it bother me, but the great thing about Roberto is that he always says 'Who cares, babe? It's just us. It's just about us. None of that stuff matters," she explained, "I'm so blessed and lucky to have a man like that to give me balance and keep me focused on what's important."

Although Ali has been in Hollywood lately for recent charity events, she says she plans to keep her life in San Diego. 

"I want to keep my life and my relationship and everything that's sacred to me in San Diego and removed from Hollywood," she told me her future plans, "I think it's healthy for us."

But that doesn't mean she's ruling out a showbiz return for Dancing With the Stars. Ali tells me she and Roberto could join the hit ABC show (as former Bachelor Jake Pavelka did), she says: "We would absolutely put our relationship first but would consider it for sure!"

Stay tuned...the cast will be announced on August 30. 

Also at the Give and Get fete: Audrina Patridge and hostess Garcelle Beauvais.

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