Jennifer Aniston

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

"[Huge-ass, beaming smile]"

Jennifer Aniston, when we asked, "How lame is Bill O'Reilly?" at the premiere of her new flick, The Switch, in L.A. last night

See, sometimes words are utterly unnecessary, and always-classy Jen realized that last night. In this case, Jen, strutting by in strapless number oozing so much sexiness it probably would have made O'Reilly himself speechless, heard our query on the lameness.

She stopped dead. She looked us straight on. She paused. And then she broke out into a smile bigger than if she'd heard Angelina Jolie had come down with a bad case of female baldness. Then she laughed...a lot.

We could've asked how douchey or wrong O'Reilly was in his feud with the rom-com star, but we're pretty sure "lame" says it all...and so did Aniston's smile.

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