Tyra Banks doesn't want anyone going on a Tic Tac and watercress diet!

The America's Next Top Model host and executive producer apologized Monday for a Cycle 15 promo that went out last week featuring Banks, Jay Manuel and J. Alexander going gaga over contestant Ann and her "smallest waist in the world."

ANTM is not necessarily applauding her teeny-tiny asset, assures Tyra, who admits that the ad was cut and released without her having seen it.

The teaser was "edited in way that misconstrued our overarching message," Tyra says in a statement. "As a leader in celebrating and promoting healthy body image, I must admit that I regrettably didn't see this clip before it was released to the public, (with multiple Top Model departments, it's just impossible to review everything) but on behalf of the Top Model team, these were not the intentions, and we truly apologize for any confusion, anger or disappointment it may have caused."

And not only didn't she mean to glorify the exceptionally thin contestant, Tyra says that she's "proud of every one of you who voiced your opinion and participated in this conversation."

Furthermore, Tyra continues, ANTM tries to go to bat for every body type out there, including Ann, who at 6'2" is "the receiver of countless stares and ridicule."

"It's about women telling the world to KISS their—skinny, wide, droopy, flat, cellulite-covered or FAT—you know what!" she exclaims.

So long as all those flaws can be properly covered by couture and swimwear, of course. ANTM's 15th season premieres Sept. 8 on the CW.

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