Jessica Szohr, Ed Westwick

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"She's not talking about Ed."

Gossip Girl star Jessica Szohr's PR team as they pushed her down the red carpet at Sunday's Breakthrough Awards. So much for our questions about her ex, Ed Westwick. Innocent Q's,  too, we promise!

We just asked what she thought of the media speculation on the status of their relaysh, jeez is that so wrong? Give a Gossip Girl a break, already!

And while Jess looked absolutely fab—we're talking très stunning in a little black dress that showed off her seriously killer figure—and was way more endearing than the total snoozer (or, ya know, complete bitch) the media makes her out to be, we had to wonder...

What the ef is up with her departure from the usual CW routine? Those young stars are the first to know the best way to pimp a product, like a new season of the sometimes-ratings-challenged teen soap opera, is to chat about their behind-the-scenes sexcapades.

Now, we understand J.S.'s hesitation to dish on her former flame, since their split (and her supposed dubious involvement in their parting) was what put her in the proverbial Gossip Girl dog house.

But don't you know that by keeping your trap shut, Jess, you're letting him win the battle of the tabloids—not to mention, the fans?

Plus, while you may be the Breakthrough Film Actress of the year (for Piranha 3D, of course), you need to answer some more exciting questions than simply what you're wearing or what boring old Vanessa will be up to in season four if you want to steal any of Leighton Meester's or Blake Lively's limelight.

So loosen up, PR folk, and let the gal goss!

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