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With the now über-tiny Lea Michele hogging the Glee limelight (on and off air, of course and we love it), we never truly realized the star power of Dianna Agron—the sometimes-bitchy, sometimes-sympathetic cheerleader, Quinn.

We caught up with Di at Sunday's Breakthrough Awards at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood—where she was being honored as the Breakthrough Newcomer—and seeing as we were told she knew nothing about Glee and that infamous Britney Spears cameo (the cast has been told to shut the ef up about it), we chatted with the très adorable blond babe about her newest flick, The Romantics.

Your new movie, The Romantics, has a lot of big names in the cast—Katie Holmes, Anna Paquin, Josh Duhamel—did any of their famous families stop by the set?

"Tom [Cruise] did. Suri was there every day. We met Fergie many times. We just bonded so quickly; we became such a family—all of us, which doesn't always happen. We would cook dinners together and go for romps on the beach and play board games. It was just so much fun off the set and on."

And you worked closely with Anna. Would you ever be interested in guest starring on True Blood?

"Oh my gosh, of course. It's an amazing show, and she's amazing. I got the privilege of playing her sister, and she's just such a strong, wonderful woman."

We totally agree. So, big question. What would you choose to be: vampire or werewolf?

"I would want to be a vampire."

Ugh, doesn't everybody want to be a vampire? Listen up, Alan Ball, next up on your True Blood check list (well, after that Joe Manganiello full-frontal scene, please) is making a werelady that is just as sexy as the über-buff men.

No offense to Debbie, but her '80s blowout and trailer park ‘tude don't have the same glamour as a pair of fanged pearly whites. And we think Dianna would be perfect to ditch her sweet-as-pie personality and play bad—really bad.

Too bad her Glee schedule (you know, recording the tunes, learning the choreography, shooting her scenes, all before going on a nation-wide tour) and now her movie press tour would hardly give her time to dabble with other projects.

Guess we'll have to settle for seeing her on the big screen!

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