Which TV Couple

Ugh. Who cares whether George Clooney is engaged (newsflash: he's not) when a fictional character on a make-believe show is about to get hitched?!

Priorities people! Let's stay focused on what really matters to the fans universe, 'cause a fan-favorite coupling on one of TV's most-loved shows is planning a surprise wedding, and it's one of these people:

Which TV Couple
  • Sarah and Chuck, Chuck
  • Holly and Michael, The Office
  • Cristina and Owen, Grey's Anatomy

For those of you who've been following this fun(?) little game on Twitter—and thank you for doing so!—the latest (and final) eliminated couple is:

  • Will and Emma, Glee

Previously eliminated:

  • Chuck and Blair, Gossip Girl
  • House and Cuddy, House
  • Julian and Brooke, One Tree Hill
  • Sookie and Bill, True Blood
  • Lois and Clark, Smallville

So now that you have your final three contenders, time to sleuth it up and tell me: Who's looking to be the most likely bride and groom? All three couples are pretty solid contenders, given that Chuck Bartowski will be going up against a "Cubic Z" in episode three, Michael has placed a request with the big boss for Holly to come back into his life (and Steve Carell will be leaving The Office at the end of the upcoming season) and Owen and Cristina were very much on at the end of Grey's Anatomy's gripping season ender.

Place your bets in our comments section below!

(If you missed the previous clues on who this couple is, or want to be reminded, check out the original story.)

Here's a new thought: Could this riddle actually apply to two couples? Hmm...

As I've said before, unfortunately I cannot come out and name the betrothed-to-be, but we can narrow it down to the final three. So that's as far as we can take these-here eliminations, but I think you fans will be thrilled when you see it all unfold—it's so worth the wait.

Follow me on Twitter @kristindsantos for more TV scoop...Sometimes I even name names. I know, crazazay!

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