Double Rainbow Guy has nothing on this.

Fanboys descending on Orlando this past weekend for Star Wars Celebration V—a four-day festival celebrating that galaxy far, far away—are still coming down from their nerdgasms after witnessing a long lost video from their favorite film franchise.

At the convention's main panel event, Jedi master supreme George Lucas told Comedy Central's Jon Stewart that all six live-action films will be out on Blu-ray next year. Then Lucas screened the legendary opening of Return of the Jedi that hit the cutting room floor before the film was released.

The scene takes place on the planet Tatooine before C-3PO and R2-D2 head to Jabba the Hutt's palace. Darker in tone, it finds newly minted Jedi knight Luke Skywalker building his new light saber while Darth Vader reaches out across the universe urging his son to join the Dark Side.

The never-before-seen 56-second clip will be included in the new box set along with some other deleted stuff. After all, Lucas has to do something to get fans excited enough to pony up for yet another version of the space saga on home video.

Now where's our special-edition Star Wars Holiday Special?

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