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Being married to a famous actor has its ups and downs; for Sadie Frost, it was a downward spiral.

Frost, who was married to Jude Law for six years, is telling all in an autobiography titled Crazy Days, set to be published next month. The book is being serialized by the London Mail. In it, Sadie reveals how post-natal depression, the pressures of fame and the demise of their marriage drove her to a weeklong stay at a California mental institution. 

"Jude tried to understand, but the more we had to socialise at grand dinner parties in Hollywood, the more I felt my self-esteem slipping away," she writes. "Soon I admitted defeat and went to see a doctor, who diagnosed PND and put me back on medication. The more I worried about my condition, the more self-obsessed I became and the less attention I gave to Jude."

Jude had tried to stop the book from being published, demanding the removal of all details about their marriage and photographs of their children. The two reached a court settlement last month.

Law, 37, and Frost, 45, met in 1994 while she was married to another man. The former couple wed in 1997 and have three children together. Their marriage ended in 2003 after Jude had an affair with their nanny.

In related relationship-upheaval news, Jude recently rekindled his on-again, off-again romance with Sienna Miller.

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