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Break out the mittens, Lucifer: Michael Lohan has a point.

And not a bad one, at that.

"I think Dina needs the rehab for her denial, lies and other 'things,'" Lindsay Lohan's ever-estranged father told E! News of Mama Lohan's responsibility eschewing Today show interview this morning. "It was one lie after another." Starting with…

As it turns out, everything.

Among other fibs, Michael countered claims made by Lindsay's mother and frequent right-hand partier that they haven't been a part of each others' lives for 15 years (we all heard otherwise, really), that showbiz runs deep in Dina's family ("Dina was never a Rockette and her mother was NEVER on a soap or radio"), that Kate Major's claims of abuse are history repeating itself ("Kate's charges are a farce") and that the duo's college grad son is going to star in a movie getting produced by Dina.

"Linds needs family therapy with Dina and me," he said, adding that it's been recommended to their clan for years, but that Dina simply "won't."

But wait—is that the sound of someone taking responsibility that we hear?

"It's all about money and controlling Lindsay and my kids to Dina, when she has failed miserably and it should be about our children's well-being. Dina and I caused this and WE need to fix it (AS PARENTS). It's sad that Dina would continue on this course."

And what Dina's interview with Matt Lauer had in awkward crosstalk, Michael's response matched in absolute belittling.

"Dina needs the rehab. And maybe jail would 'suit' her. The only thing Dina got right in the interview is, 'Nothing has changed.' To that I agree… Dina is in denial."

As for Lindsay's current stint in rehab, Michael doesn't seem overly optimistic.

"My bet is, this was only a Band-aid," he said.

"As far as bringing up Kate and all the other nonsense, get a life, Dina, stop passing the buck and avoiding the real issue…YOU!"

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