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Remember how Montana Fishburne didn't have a Twitter beef with Jamie Foxx? Well, she's also not trying to promote the fact that she's the greatest role model her generation has ever seen...despite what you may have read.

What she is trying to promote is the debunking of people pretending to be her on the social media site. Or at least to get them to be a little less obvious with their fakery.

While the celebuspawn porn star has been busy slamming the rash of phony accounts set up on variations of her name, she went so far as to confirm to E! News that she only has one official account—and it's not the one picked up (but clearly not fact-checked) by various websites.

Tsk, tsk.

The real Montana has been decrying the fakers—and one in particular—for the past week.

"@TanaFishburne is a fake account," she tweeted (for real) on Saturday. "@mfishburne is my official twitter!!"

And lest doubters think this, too, is a set-up, she confirmed as much to E! News during her exclusive sit-down this week. Clue No. 2? The imposter's backdrop is of Kim Kardashian, whom Fishburne herself denied to E! News was the personal role model she was made out to be in the press.

Still, she's continued to call out the phonies.

"@TanaFishburne, @therealchippyd, @chippydxxx are all fakes," she tweeted again. And again.

"WOW got an email from @TanaFishburne...Thanks but I didn't need an imposter," she wrote. "@tanafishburne needs to stop talkin s--t like they are me. I have no beef w anybody and am here w nothin but love."

"@TanaFishburne please stop posing as me. You have no twitpics & tweet about random things I don't even like…let ur friends know that @TanaFishburne is a poser."

If you got the message (and it's hard not to), then you did better than a slew of sites which this morning credited Montana with the impostor's self-promoting, self-aggrandizing, and way too self-assured tweets.

So she may not be claiming to be a role model, but she is trying to teach one tweeter a lesson or two.

Maybe the media could take notes, too.

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