You may not realize it, but we're in the middle of a Lindsay Lohan media drought. After all, it's been nine whole days since everyone's favorite rehabber saturated the market with the last set of her pre-lockup sexy photo shoots.

Dina Lohan tried to tide us over this morning, but imitations can only get you so far. So if it's the OG Lohan you're jonesing for, you're in luck!

This morning, Cameo Stars answered everyone's prayers and released four Facebook-ready video messages of LiLo to carry us through this time of deprivation.

The videos—available today!—show Lindsay sending wishes to the troops, poking friends (complete with Twitter push), encouraging people to get out there and live life (hopefully not by her example), and sending birthday wishes. The virtual messages were shot on July 13, just one week before she surrendered for jail.

"Creating my Cameo Stars is something I really want to do for my fans, given their never-ending support through the good and the bad in recent years," Lindsay said. "It makes me feel like I can stay connected with them in a new way. I could not have done that before Cameo Stars and social media, and now I can, which is really cool."

Lindsay is just one of the stars who's filmed a virtual cameo, joining the stilted company of Carmen Electra, Reggie Bush, Tony Romo and Drew Brees.

Cameo stars is calling Lindsay's messages "limited-edition," but there's no word on when these virtual masterpieces will be taken down, so hurry and get yours now. You wouldn't want to let an opportunity like this pass you by.

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