Party Girls Eye Miley's "Nervous" BF Liam

Cyrus' boyfriend Liam Hemsworth was a hot commodity at Quicksilver bash

By Ted Casablanca Aug 13, 2010 1:45 PMTags
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We know Miley Cyrus can't be tamed, but can her BF, Liam Hemsworth?

While Cyrus is in Detroit filming LOL, her deelish man attended Julian Wilson's Quicksilver premiere party for his long awaited surf film, Scratching the Surface (which we hear is insanely good) in Newport Beach, Calif., last weekend. Even though it was a few days ago, thought you all should know.

See, gorgeous Liam wasn't exactly hurting for female company...

"Liam was hanging at the party with his driver and two other Australians, but kept to himself for the most part," a fellow surfin' babe at the bash dishes. "But it was obvious girls at the party knew who he was. He is gorgeous! Girls were all over him, and I don't think he totally minded the attention."

One chica who ended up hanging with L.H. for part of the night said he was "nice" but acting "really anxious."

"He just seemed really paranoid the whole time whenever girls were around him," our spy says.

Why the nervous Nellie act babe?

After hanging at the fab fete for a while, Liam and his boys piled into the car with a couple of pretty blondes and sped off into the night, apparently to keep the party going. Young, beautiful, hot? Why the hell not?

Another source claims to have seen Hemsworth out later at bar 3 Thirty 3 Newport. We know those Aussie's sure can drink (and wind up in some trouble), but we hear from onlookers at the bar that Mr. H was well-behaved and went home solo. So, calm down all you bitchy types who don't want Liam and Miles to last.

"He just hung out with his guy friends there," a bar patron tells us.

Glad to hear it, considering he flew out earlier this week to visit Miley on set in Detroit.

Le sigh, you know we totally heart you, Liam, (you're way smokin') but guess that means Niley isn't happening anytime soon. Right?

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