Bachelor Pad


Bow chicka wow wow!

Hear that? It's the sound of those Bachelor Pad peeps gettin' all sexylike on the new ABC hit. But is the lovin' real, or do Tenley, Wes, Gia and Co. just know how to play the game? We got to the bottom of this age-old mystery on our recent B.P. set visit, and you'll never believe the nuclear dose of scoop we unearthed...

This gorgeously ruthless crew is all about the moolah! Who'd a thunk it?!

"I'm here to win the money," Gia told us right of the bat. Added Wes and Tenley: "I think we're both here for the cash, too." And they're not the only ones.

"I'm definitely here for the money. Without a doubt, definitely here for the money," lesser known gal Krisley revealed. And thankfully, megahottie Kiptyn was able to sum up this whole experience in a simple statement: "That's the consensus around the house—this one's about the money."

But fret not, hopeless romantics! Bachelor Pad may be built for hot hookups (and a big cash prize!), but that doesn't mean love is out of the question.

Says Kiptyn, who has clearly got a thang for Tenley, and vice versa: "If something comes in the love department, great. There have been a couple of hookups. America's gonna have a good TV show to watch, let me tell you!"

"If we fall in love with somebody," Wes laughed, "we'll welcome that as well."

Well, everyone except Gia, or so she says: "I have a boyfriend, so living here is really hard." But come on, we've all seen those promos and there is some major canoodling going down between G and Mr. "I Welcome Love" Wes. See Exhibit A—you know, that photo up top.

Hey, we're not judging—just keep the romance, shirtlessness and ridiculous challenges coming, and we're happy campers.

What would you play for—love or money? Do you think any of these kids are the real deal? Go be brilliant in the comments below, and tune into Bachelor Pad Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.


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