So You Think You Can Dance

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A lot was missing at tonight's So You Think You Can Dance performance finale. Not the dancers, silly—they brought it. We're talking about Kent's funny face...and Robert's pants. Where'd they go?

We just got the scoop backstage from Kent, Robert and Lauren after the show. And you'll never guess which Glee stars (hint: "close friends") were hiding out in the audience...

So where did this serious Kent come from? "I've always been there. I think I needed the piece, and this piece really showcased it. We connected in just a beautiful place," Kent told us about his Stacey Tookey contemporary dance with all-star Allison Holker. "I wanted to work with [Tookey] so much," Kent added. "she's so amazing to work with and I was so honored to be with her."

As for the absence of his trademark goofy grin after the performance, Kent's lips were sealed. "It's personal," said the newly crowned artist. (Pretty sure that huge smile will be back tomorrow night when he's crowned America's favorite dancer.)

While Kent was quiet and reflective, Lauren was bouncing off the walls. "I'm so excited I can't even think," she yelped. "Tonight was my last chance—there really was no room for nerves. You have to give it your all and kick butt." She was very happy with her performance tonight, adding, "I'm just happy in general." No wonder Cat lovingly calls her "kooky pants."

Speaking of pants...Robert told us his tore "right as I sat down on the chair. I was like, crap." Preparing for tonight, the underdog said, "I just want to let go and not worry about what people are going to say. This is it, this is all you get. I just want to go out there and dance my butt off. Literally: my pants ripped."

Thanks to some dark underwear, no one noticed Robert's split seam. Also undetected: Glee stars Jenna Ushkowitz and Kevin McHale (onscreen couple Tina and Artie) in the audience—sitting quietly in the row in front of us. Maybe they were scoping out their upcoming director, judge Adam Shankman?

Tomorrow America's favorite dancer will be named, so stay tuned to hear the reactions of the judges and dancers after the show!

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