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Another celebrity marriage has failed. No surprises there, right?

One Tree Hill star Jana Kramer (all together now: who?) is splitting with husband Johnathon Schaech after only one month of wedded bliss. But the real subject here isn't about the divorce of the unknowns, but its implications for the future.

Could there be a curse dooming the cast's romances?

Unfortunately, we aren't Miss Cleo or anything, but we can smell some troublemaking in the air!

Y'see, first there was Chad Michael Murray's 2005 marriage to Sophia Bush, which was all the ‘bloids could talk about when it ended after five months. Then James Lafferty tried his luck with Bush...and that went down faster than Oprah Winfrey on a ski lift.

So with the news of Jana and Johnathon putting the kibosh on their couplehood, we can't help but be a little worried that the marriage bug just isn't something that works out for One Tree alums. Chad's been engaged for, what, how many years now?

This doesn't bode well for our beloved Danneel Harris, who married stud Jensen Ackles earlier this year. And we're also worried about darling Sophia Bush and her BF, Austin Nichols, whom we're big fans of. You probably don't remember, but Jana told us way back in May that "we shall see" if Soph and Aust tie the knot anytime soon! Back then, we urged S and A to take notice of their costar's matrimonial predictions.

Ummm, babygirl Bush, you might want to just, um, forget all that.

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