Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr., let's backtrack for a second. You've got three incredibly high-grossing action flicks under your belt. You nabbed a ton of award noms, and even won a few. You're getting hotter by the minute, and you've had arguably the best career comeback since that fat kid in Rudy sacked the quarterback.

So then why, oh why, Robert, are you coming into our lives looking like...this?!

The criminal photo was snapped as RDJ went to meet with director Guy Ritchie about the new Sherlock Holmes flick on Tuesday. Remember the first one, just a few months ago? The guy looked like a million bucks, er, pounds sterling! But now he's looking tired and very, very not swoon-worthy.

Robert's usually pretty well-dressed, but with the awful glasses, gaudy hat and very pubic-looking locks, we're kind of grossed out.

Here is a list of the variety of people he reminds us of:

Sorry for being so harsh, Mr. Downey Jr., but it's only because we have such a high standard for you. Once you get back to your normal stylish, haircutted self, we'll love you again. Maybe.

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