Calista Flockhart, Rob Lowe, Brothers and Sisters


Gilles Marini is a tease.

Our favorite Dancing With the Stars contestant turned ABC prime-time dramatic actor isn't allowed to spill what's in store for Brothers & Sisters, but that doesn't mean he won't dangle a big carrot in front of us.

Mr. Marini had this to say about the show's upcoming new season…

"We'll see if Rob Lowe is really dead," he said at Trident's Smiles Across America event at the London West Hollywood hotel. "That's all I'm saying."

Huh? What? How on earth can Lowe's character not be dead? He died in that horrific season finale car accident.

Or did he?

"Everyone says, 'Of course, he's dead. He's on that other show,' " Marini said of Lowe's new gig over at Parks and Recreation. "But are you sure? Are you sure he's dead?

"I want the world to watch the last car crash episode and then this season's first episode," he continued. "People will say, 'Wait a minute.' "

Dead-or-alive Lowe aside, we're happy to report that Marini revealed he'll be more naked than ever when the series returns. "I've had to be so health conscious because there's a lot of skin showing," he said. "They gave me no choice."

As if he ever minds stripping down for the camera.

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