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"The fact is everyone is really awesome individually and together we have a lot of fun hanging. That's the main thing. We're a really cool group of people, and we're in this small town, and we all really rely and depend on each other, so we're really good friends."

Vampires Diaries star Nina Dobrev when we asked her if it's true that she and her self-proclaimed awesome pack of costars, like sexy Paul Wesley and even sexier Ian Somerhalder, spend all of their downtime with each other

We're glad the babe is confident! Guess she has reason to be as she looked drop-dead gorge at the Teen Choice Awards, wearing an Alex Perry mini and Brian Atwood shoes. Fun fact: Sam Worthington's G,F Natalie Marks, styled her for the event. How friggin' small is H'wood, right?

But what about all that "hanging" they're doing? Is she for real?

We actually believe her, shocker. What Nina said sounded totally genuine...not like the BS most actors spill, gabbing that the cast are "all a family" (lookin' at you, Glee cast). So what exactly are they all doing?

Nina wouldn't spill, saying she's très busy and told us she considers eating or sleeping her free time. But we have a sneaking suspicious about what goes on between takes.

And no, nothing too sexy.

We still believe there's no truth to the rumors that Nina is shacking up in that "small town" with Mr. Somerhalder, but they are über-close.

Guess they're just having a great time being a cool group of people. Can you blame ‘em?

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