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Don't know what to wear to the office? How about to a friend's wedding or a hangover-filled New Year's Day brunch? Have you ever thought about the appropriate outfit for breaking up wtih your boyfriend?

For answers to these questions and so much more, check out Nina Garcia's Look Book: What to Wear for Every Occasion, a new 318-page fashion guidebook by the famed Project Runway judge with colorfully chic illustrations by artist Ruben Toledo.

We caught up with Garcia earlier today at her Marie Claire office in NYC to talk Lady Gaga, her second pregnancy (she's due in December) and her favorite clothing line for her and hubby David Conrod's three-year-old son, Lucas...

Another book! When do you have the time?
I find the time. I sleep very little.

What is the question women always ask you when it comes to what to wear?
I've had every kind of question imaginable. But it's work-related or wedding-related. It's surprising because I feel like women really have it together for work. I wouldn't think that they'd still be so curious or insecure about the work place. That comes up a lot.

Here in L.A., work dress is much more casual.
The question is not whether you're badly dressed, but whether you're appropriately dressed. What I wanted to do in the book was really hone in on all those questions that you need to ask yourself before you walk into whatever the situation is, what you need to think about and what message you want to communicate. And a few tips on what not to do, too. Don't wear an "FU" manicure in front of a judge! What were you thinking, Lindsay?

Does someone like Lady Gaga influence the fashion world or is she too far out there?
We're always looking for influence, especially with music. Rihanna, Lady Gaga—they're still huge influences. Although, I do think that fashion is moving a little bit away from that very extravagant, angry look with all the studding and grommets We're moving into a cleaner, softer, lady-like sensibility. However, that's not going to work for the music people [laughs].

How is the pregnancy coming along?
It's going well, but it's harder when you get older and you get to number two. It's fine. I have to be thankful everything's okay.

Who do you think has the best children's and baby clothes?
Crewcuts! Crewcuts has great, amazing stuff. It's so great. It's fantastic. I spend all my money on Crewcuts for [Lucas].  I also buy a lot of things from Gap and Target. They all have great things.

I love GapKids because the sales rack is like $2 for anything.
It's very inexpensive. You can't beat those prices.

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